My First Run “KP Run 5K – 2013”

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    Do I ever wanted to be a runner?

    What is my motivation to run?

    Do I wanted to participate in big running events?

    Do I know “why”?

Here is the story, how I’ve started running …

My work colleague, Allen sent an email about the event “2013 Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk” to everyone On “Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 9:03 PM”

For anyone who received the “2013 Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk” email – I am going to it again this year if you were looking for someone to walk with :-).
There are a ton of companies there and it is a nice walk.
– Allen

I was going to temple with Bhavya and my family to celebrate Bhavya’s 7th birthday. We stopped at Marietta Square and took some pictures. It was going in my mind sub consciously that “How much do i weigh?” 210 pounds and what should I do to lose weight? what is my immediate goal? and How?

– 8/25 First step, I went to Lost mountain park and ran two 1/2 miles to understand how my body takes it “running”
– 8/26 Next day, ran complete 3.1 miles and decided that I wanted to run KP run 5K
– I’ve registered for 5K to run on 9/12/2013 [My first 5K hu hhhu….]
– I sent email to Allen that I’m going to participate 5K run and my goal is 35 minutes to run

Arrived couple hours early and amazed to see all the tents with lots of food, and company fun activities
Met TWC Running team, and took team picture
Starting line – Prepared myself to stand almost starting of the line
Running started and first mile, second mile, and 3rd mile,…3.1 its done…Finished in 0:33:56

Always, Be vocal about the good actions, Spread the fun stuff. You will never know how people will be influenced.

Thanks Allen.