20151004 GA Atlanta Michelob Ultra 13.1

The course is all around TWC where I work ..was looking forward to pass through all streets, up the hill and down the hill…collected the bib on Saturday from a running store in Roswell. 

Morning, I’ve arrived at Cobb galleria to park my car and looking at all other runners and their bibs…just got shocked myself I forgot my bib and it is 6:30 AM…perfect!!!now, I’m at a mindset I can just stop by for any half marathons without prepping, or not even thinking…just ran into information desk, Cindy asked me to stop by start line and get the new bib assigned ..Stephen helped on that …just got relieved…race starts in 20 mins ..getting ready and stretching..

Run started..crossed the start line at 2 minute mark (Gun time)…running under 9minutes for couple miles …I was correct, the entire course is hilly…so I need to leverage downhills full extent and most of the time I was with same pack of runners..